Michael Tadeo

Software Developer

"I am passionate in learning & helping create software that will change the world for the better. Let's work together to meet both our goals. To 2020 & beyond! "


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"Lakad" in Tagalog means walk, journey or destination. This is my first Augmented Reality game development. It lets a user collect gold coins while walking, as well as track distance travelled in order to be crowned as the next royal Lakad. The crown is embedded with a variety of precious stones such as emerald, ruby & diamond. The app is written in Swift, & it uses Google Firebase as backend authentication & database.

Augmented Reality Dice

Tinder Clone - Sakto

Weather Forecast

  • A location-aware weather mobile app for iOS, Developed in XCode using Swift. It uses REST for networking calls & public APIs from openweathermap.org to fetch data. Analyzes data in JSON format. Uses Core Location utilizing iPhone’s built-in GPS.

  • Source code are in Swift & Objective-C with Cocoa Pods

Trivia Quiz

Self-Driving Robotic Car

My first AI project using robotic car, raspberry pi & tpu, programmed in Python utilizing OpenCV & Tensorflow. The car drives by itself while following lanes, stop signs, speed limits & will stop when it detects an object or person. It is operated by deep learning using Python & libraries such as TensorFlow & Open Cv, while utilizing a hardware called Edge Tpu, designed by Google for better machine learning performance.


The app is made for active individuals in order to track their current location in real time, which is shown in a satellite view. It enables the user to log in their progress or total distance travelled for additional motivation. "Sikap" means "To Strive" in Tagalog. This is an iOS Mobile App that I created for my final course (Capstone Project) in order to attain my Bachelor's Degree in Software Development from WGU. Sikap is written in Swift and is backed up by Amazon Web Services AWS Cognito for secure Sign-Up & Sign-In and Google Firebase for Database.

Bitcoin Currency


  • A chat app for iOS similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

  • Made in XCode using Swift, utilizing table views & Google Firebase for storing data such as users, images & messages.


Other Apps that I have created: Student Progress Tracker, Inventory Management System, Scheduler & Student Roster (written in Java for Android & Desktop).





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